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Report By: Sister D

Date:  May 27, 2024

So interesting! The electric shock experiments of 1961 revealed that People are more likely to be influenced and brainwashed to act against their neighbor when they are being instructed to do so by an authority figure and are themselves facing something new or "novel." We can surely recall how the Corona CV was originally unveiled as a "novel" corona virus. And every new "variant" was a NEW novel strain of it.

The beast was and still is brainwashing the world into complete compliance with these psychological experiments they call "pandemics" or a new global crisis.

We all witnessed The BEAST symptom systematically and incrementally persuade the largest majority of innocent people ever to actually cover up their own faces - put "surgical" masks over their faces and breathe in contaminated bacteria-filled air all day long. And then, after a few months of that, to inject an unknown non-vetted new strange chemical right into their own veins and into their children's veins!

Before 2020, I would have NEVER guessed that intelligent citizens would fall for such a mass experiment and comply with it VOLUNTARILY! Their tool: The fear of death was instilled into every person's heart, and for the braver-hearted citizens, the fear of appearing to NOT care about your neighbor was used to coerce them into compliance.

I believe that the pandemic experiment works so well for them that the next global psy-op will bring about the same amount of compliance - if not more, and will kill and destroy more human beings- those created in the image of God. The image of the beast schemes and plots against the image bearers of God.

Because it worked so well before, you can bet the next planned "global crises" will involve fear of death, a desire to fit in and not be different from the crowd, and the false illusion of having good will towards mankind. It will be an even more clever/evil minded experiment next time, as AI gathers loads more of data, and psychological information about the public to predict how far they can be pushed to harm themselves and others unknowingly next time.

Precious Bride- Every day... Be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually! And remember Jesus has already won the battle over death.

We have eternal life.

Be strong in the Lord!

Eph. 6:10-13


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MsRhuby 17 days ago

I posted today on Facebook: Positive things covid taught us:
What I'm hoping to do is spark a fire under people's heinie to get them to THINK because, you know the Song by Bruce Springsteen, You Can't Start A Fire Without a Spark

What covid did for me was to realize I like my own company.

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