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  • Anarchy font - rebellion - angry bird
  • Bird with 3 flowing to the side like Trump's Faith Team led by Paula White-Cain
  • Also the similarities of the GETTR Logo
  • 666 on the bird
  • The broken circle on the A making the anarchy symbol
  • The flame of the torch is burning the bird. Bottom looks like a T. (see pics below)
  • Colors are yellow and black that we have seen the correlation to the UN. Also the UN-Governable

**Notice at the beginning who he THANKS for the invite to the convention. It was none other than Rick Grenell! He's the openly gay cabinet member that still serves on Trump's cabinet! Why is a gay man a part of the Libertarian conference?

Watch Trump react to getting booed at Libertarian convention

Overhead Shot of Trump’s Bronx Rally Tells a Different Story About Crowd Size

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